Rachael Murphy presents Mindscapes for First Friday August


Immediately evident in Rachael Murphy's work is her utilization of vibrant colors that showcase a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity. 

Rachael graduated from Boston University with a degree in neuroscience and psychology and plans to pursue a career in medicine. Her paintings often feature abstract portraits, dream symbolism, or stylized human anatomy that depict themes related to the mind and brain. Most pieces are created using watercolors and felt-tip pens.

 “Though we are all similar biologically, we each have a very unique story to tell” She says. Rachael’s art captures her understanding of life as a complex and mysterious adventure through which we’re all connected. Her works are playful, yet serious, as they urge the onlooker to carefully consider what they may signify.

Rachael uses a variety of mediums to create her paintings, but primarily watercolors and felt-tip pens.