“I love this place. The staff are just wonderful. They know my order befor I even say it. The coffee is outstanding. They serve a light fare for breakfast and lunch. Lots of pastries and bagels, but they also have soup and salads, sometimes sandwiches or wraps, and quiche. My favorite salad is the Hummus Platter. They also have free WiFi and plenty of plugs, so I have been known to sit for hours with my laptop working or writing or doing homework. It's just a wonderful, comfortable place.” Julee M

“Northern Light Espresso Bar is a nice coffee shop with a great atmosphere right in the heart of Downtown Scranton. They have a decent size selection of pastries to choose from and a solid drink menu with very good drip coffee. (Make sure that if you order drip coffee there and plan to stick around for a while to get work done, that you order their refillable cup. I made the mistake of not ordering the blue mug my first time going and it cost me a pretty penny more to get my 1st refill)” John K